Friday 13 May 2016

Top 10 heart touching quotes

Top 10 heart touching quotes
Top 10 heart touching quotes

Heart touching messages:
One of the very true & greatest Illusions of Life is that We always believe that there is more time in tomorrow than today

Heart touching Life Quotes messages:
Two words that can change d way we approach life, 'Can I... & I Can' Think which option you would like to choose

Heart touching quotes:
the best way to to simply tell the truth..CAREFULLY EDITED TRUTH!!

Heart touching quotes about relationship:
Relationships are like Electric Currents Wrong connections will give you Shocks throughout your life But The right ones Light Up your Life.

Heart touching messages for whatsapp:
Eyes express real feelings more than words.Touch shows more care tha n words but. Words when used properly can catch eyes & can touch the heart

Inspirational text messages:
The Heart feels light when Someone is in it…But feels very heavy when Someone leaves it…

Beautiful Text messages about Life:
When the heart is full, the eyes overflow.

Inspirational text messages:
Everything in life has a beautiful ending and if it' z not beautiful ending then be sure, it's not the ending..

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