Wednesday, 18 May 2016

heart touching quotes messages about relations

heart touching quotes messages about relations
heart touching quotes messages about relations

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It takes a minute 2 have a crush on some1
An hour 2 like some1 & an day 2 love some1
but it takes a lifetime 2 forget some1.
Think wisely

Never go out of your way 
to Explain someone
your honesty and their faults..
time has it's own way
of revealing the truth..!!

Don't compare your love story
with those in the movies...
Those were made by
human writers,
yours is written by God..!!

People can't change
the truth
But the truth
can change the people

It is better to have an ENEMY
who honestly says they
hate you than to have a
who's putting you down

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The moment you're
ready to quit is
usually the moment
right before a
miracle happens
don't give up...!!!

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It's hard to forget
someone who gave you
so much to remember
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Life is so stupid
An Ordinary Person
makes you smile
a very special person
always makes us cry
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