Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Ugadi Telugu New Year wishes Greetings messages

Here we have given some information regarding Telugu New year Ugadi, It's a Festival for time, This is the starting day of "YuGa" in Sanskrit ""AADI'' means the starting point. Yuga means the era... The total meaning of Yuga + Adi becomes Yugadi... but in pronunciation it becames Ugadi...
This is a very auspious festival in throught India, India is a country of multi-heritage and culture...
So many states following different cultures and languages... but this festival is the starting point of financial year.  Eventhough the people are following the English Calendar .. but all of the Hindu religion people still follows the Panchangam ...
On Ugadi Day people celebrates the festival by starting the new programmes, business, shops, and so many as per their professions...
People share their joy together with family, relatives and friends, takes blessing from elders.
Ugadi Telugu New year wishes greetings
Ugadi Telugu New year wishes greetings
|| Telug Ugadi Images ||
Ugadi Telugu images
Ugadi Telugu images

|| Telugu Ugadi Greetings ||
Telugu Ugadi Greetings
|| Telugu Ugadi wishes ||
Telugu Ugadi wishes
Telugu Ugadi wishes
|| Ugadi sms Messages ||
Ugadi sms Messages
Ugadi sms Messages
|| Telugu Ugadi HD wallpapers ||
Telugu Ugadi HD wallpapersUgadi sms Messages
Telugu Ugadi HD wallpapers

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